Are you ready to live the life you deserve?

Eliminate toxins with simple steps...Improve your health & protect your family!


The Objective:

✔ Eliminate inflammation, eat healthy, feel better, and lose weight!

✔ Can the chemicals. Trash the toxins.

✔ Read labels w/ confidence.

✔ Obtain $$ saving solutions.

✔ Improve the health of you & your family!

✔ Have fun along the way!

No excuses...your time is now!

The Healthy Babes Academy is our membership program that will change the way you (and your family) live! You'll receive one lesson per week with loads of bonus content, community support and recipes. You’ll learn affordable and step-by-step strategies to achieve a non-toxic home and life to improve your health with simple solutions that WORK with your busy lifestyle. We’ll be with you every day – and every step of the way!

Join our supportive community & you will:

  • Eliminate Product confusion + information overload
  • Learn to identify and eliminate hidden toxins in your home
  • Reduce allergens and asthmatic triggers
  • Gain confidence in protecting yourself & your family from chemicals
  • Clean your indoor air with low cost solutions + proven strategies
  • Save $$ with DIY recipes + easy fixes
  • Improve your sleep with a few simple solutions
  • Grow healthier kids in 12 easy steps
  • Claim back your life, renewed health and vibrant you
  • Design your home in a way that allows you to play, have fun & feel alive
  • Enjoy 12 fun + easy to follow modules
  • Relax with gorgeous & helpful cheat sheets + checklists (OMG, you’ll love these)!
  • Sit back and watch everything online from the comfort of your home
  • Watch over a dozen helpful How-To videos exclusively for YOU!
  • Connect with other like-minded and passionate people in our community.
  • Relish in monthly or yearly access!

Don't take our word for it.  Here's what people just like you had to say:

Ron and Lisa gave me the wake up call I needed to get my family healthy. I never realized how many harmful toxins were in our environment and in our homes until I listened to what they had to say! The information they shared was especially helpful when I was creating a healthy nursery for my baby. They provided information such as paying close attention to the paints, furniture, and carpet I was putting in baby Owen’s room. Thank you Ron and Lisa for keeping us healthy!”

Kelly Peters, IN


Kelly Peters, IN


Ron and Lisa are my go-to for healthy home and lifestyle tips…It feels great to know I can learn how to make my life and environment healthier with just one click.”

Kari Anne, MN


Kari Anne, MN


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I became much more aware of the potential impacts of our environment on both myself and my growing baby. Ron and Lisa recommended simple ways to start reducing the number and amount of toxic chemicals in our home. I am very thankful for their expertise and their continued guidance. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who cares about their health – or that of their family’s!”

Julia Stander, CA


Julia Stander, CA


Thanks for all the info you provide. I feel like I’ll be better equipped to be a parent when I have children because of the great info you share! I will not be exposing my (future) children to such nonsense! I’ve made a personal commitment… and I’ll be using the notes I took!”

Tia Johnson, MD


Tia Johnson, MD


Who  is the Healthy Babes Academy for?  This membership is for you if...

  • You’re fed up with manufacturer’s lies about safety
  • You want to save $$, but think being healthy will break the bank
  • You’re overwhelmed with information and feel helpless
  • You feel guilty that you aren’t doing enough for your family
  • You feel tired & sluggish all the time
  • You don’t have time to research information
  • You’re worried about the health of you and your family
  • You wake up feeling unrested; like you’ve been hit by a truck
  • You are experiencing hormonal changes that can’t be explained
  • You don’t feel good at home or at work
  • You eat right and exercise, but something still isn’t right
  • You want someone to hold your hand and walk you through each room of your home& tell you exactly what to do/change
  • You want more energy!
  • You are ready to change the way you live!

This membership is NOT for you if...

  • If you are looking for a quick fix (ie: a pill) to solve your health problems
  • If you are not going to follow through with any of the actions
  • If you think you already know everything (surprise, you don’t)
  • If you believe increases in illness have nothing to do with your environment or the toxins you are exposed to (and are unwilling to change that POV).
  • If you don’t believe you are worthy to live the life you deserve (hint: you are)!
*all prices in USD

  • Access to Videos

  • Access to Downloadable Checklists & Fun Sheets

  • Access to Healthy Recipes

  • Access to Healthy Babes Community (Networking, Bonus Recipes & Support)

  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

all access annual ($22.25/month)
*all prices in USD

  • Access to Videos

  • Access to Downloadable Checklists & Fun Sheets

  • Access to Healthy Recipes

  • Access to Healthy Babes Community (Networking, Bonus Recipes & Support)

  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Access to Bonus Gifts Valued Over $5,000

  • Get Two Months Free!

/6 months ($24.59 per month)
*all prices in USD

  • Access to Videos

  • Access to Downloadable Checklists & Fun Sheets

  • Access to Healthy Recipes

  • Access to Healthy Babes Community (Networking, Bonus Recipes & Support)

  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Save Over 25% off Monthly Price









In this program, you'll receive:

A multimedia platform chock full of dozens of videos with affordable, step-by- step solutions to implement right away (that won’t break the bank)! We’ll cover each room of your house in depth.

A Private Membership Site. Join our supportive community with access available 24/7 (via a private username + password).

Bonus Cheat Sheets & Checklists. You can print these out and carry conveniently in your purse, hang on the fridge or add them all to a binder.

Membership to our private Community Groups with weekly interaction and full support to answer your specific questions.

Sample Syllabus

Here are just a few of the topics we'll cover inside the membership.

✔ Life in a Toxic Nest: Discover today’s toxic truth lurking in your home

✔ Clear the Air: 11 steps to clean up your indoor air

✔ Protect Your Pet: From pollutants in 10 easy steps

✔ Healing Your Body: Signs You Need a Detox

✔ Take Back Your Water: Discover how to dink your way to health & shower the toxins away (and save $$)

✔ Detox Your Furniture & Finishes: Counters, floors, walls + furniture, oh my!

✔ Curb Your Kitchen Emissions: Makeover your kitchen in 7 simple steps

✔ Detox & Inflammation: The 13 Toxic Foods

✔ Get Some Sleep: Create a sleep sanctuary & sleep more soundly

✔ Green Your Bathroom Routine: Pass on toxic personal care products (and 21 ingredients you must avoid)

✔ Grow Healthy Children in 12 easy steps

✔ Body Detox: Detox Friendly Foods

✔ Clean for Your Health: The {Bakers} Dirty Dozen, DIY nontoxic recipes + how to decipher labels

✔ Pass on Toxic Pest Control in your home, yard, food & personal care + natural solutions

✔ De-stress Your Home: A 17-step strategy to avoid electromagnetic exposure

✔ Healthy Smoothie Recipes

✔ Travel Green and Stay Healthy with 10 simple steps

✔ Gut Health Checklist, Food Journal…



Are you in?

We are SO confident that you are going to blown away (insert Carrie Underwood hit song here) by our life-changing, proven strategies, digestible information that WORKS with your busy lifestyle and super fun bonus surprises (‘cuz we like to keep you oh-so happy). BUT, for those of you who still have questions…we have answers! So… Here we go!

Fun FAQ (Frequently Answered Questions)

For realz? We have studied chemicals and toxins for over 12 years and can guarantee…you don’t! This where the trouble exists for most people. Many people believe by doing a few things, they’ve assured themselves and their loved ones the best health now and in the future. But, what you don’t know can - and does – hurt you! There are over 80,000 chemicals registered for consumer use with the EPA and less than 200 have ever been tested for their effects on human health (The President’s Cancer Panel). You ARE being exposed to chemicals and toxins in places you couldn’t image. BUT…we’re going to help you change that. It’s not right, but it’s legally allowed. Hence, our step-by-step program to empower you to LIVE. YOUR. BEST. LIFE

Are you too busy to protect your own health – or that of your family’s? We have good news….

This program was designed for busy peeps – JUST. LIKE. YOU!We soo get it! That’s why it’s rolled out in an easy (and fun) format to follow month-by-month. You learn and implement what you can on your time. Plus, the best part of it all? You can take what you need at your own pace. There’s no testing, no deadline. There is no teacher grading you. This program is for you and created to work around your life. You’ll also have 24/7 access and a community of supportive and amazing people who can help you with any question you have via our private community group (even Mark Zuckerburg isn’t invited in)!

If you are not 100% and completely satisfied after the first week (7 days), you can request a full refund upon completion of the Week 1 Workbook (NOTE: There is no workbook for continuing participants). Request and workbook submission must be received by 11:59p.m. ET on the 7thd day after cancellation. *Cancelling also disqualifies participants from both of the bonus pre-pay sign-up gifts. Allow up to 2 weeks for refund.

Now, let’s face it. That ain’t gonna happen because by doing so, you would miss out on three fabulous weeks of amazing information, bonus cheat cheats, checklists, healthy home how-to videos, and all of the BONUS materials. Plus, your membership into the online community groups will be revoked (um, can you say NO FUN)?!

For starters, this is why we have – not one, not two – but THREE payment plan options to choose from (yippee)! Obviously, the more you pay upfront, the more $$ you save. But, a monthly plan option is designed to work with your budget and with the LOADS OF MONEY you’ll save via our proven strategies…you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Here are 12 reasons this program is for you and will change your life forever:

1. You’re fed up with manufacturer’s lies about the ingredients in their products
2. You want to save money while still being healthy (yes, it is possible)
3. You’re overwhelmed with too much information
4. You’re confused as to what products to purchase for you & your family
5. You feel tired & sluggish all the time
6. You’re worried about the health and future of your family and yourself
7. You need someone to hold your hold and walk you through every room, every bottle and every step of the way (yep, that’s where we come in)!
8. You wake up feeling unrested, sluggish and just pain….blahhh
9. You’re experiencing hormonal changes that don’t make any sense
10. You don’t feel good at or at work; only on vacation (and it’s not the Pina Colada)
11. You feel like there is not enough time in the day to research information on health to protect yourself and your family
12. You want more energy, time and money in your pocket

Friends! Are you with us?

We would loOoOve to have your join our healthy home family and private community. We will be there with you – every step – and every chemical, toxins and allergen – of the way! We have your back sister (or brother) because we REALLY. DO. CARE. About you. Living the life you deserve. Feeling great. Loving where you live and work. Knowing you are doing the best for yourself and your family. You do deserve it. We know that. Do you?

If you KNOW this is right for you above, join The Healthy Babes Academy

TICK TOCK. If there are any questions or concerns that we have NOT yet answered, please do not hesitate to send us an email ( We are here for you and want this to be the BEST possible experience for you!

Last Chance. Today is YOUR Day, Friend!

Will I receive anything in the mail?

Nope! The membership is online (digital). You can enjoy from the comfort of your (soon to be healthy) home! Or, watch it on the go. We created this program to be informative, but also fun! We want you to be inspired and motivated to create the positive change you are looking for so we did the hard work for you. Everything is in either video format or visual (.pdf’s). The course starts as soon as you join, but feel free to go at your own pace. We all have busy schedules and this isn’t a one-size-fits-all course. It’s designed… with YOU in mind!


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